Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Book Idea

Chapter 1: The Balkans

Albania: Investing in Tirana’s First Indian Restaurant (2009)

Bosnia: Air Freighting Norwegian Halal Goats (2010)

Croatia: Of Kneecaps and Stone Ruins (2003)

Kosovo: Alone in the Snow with a Kalashnikov (2001)

Serbia: Trumpet Festivals and Glastonbury Mud (2002)

Chapter 2: Former Soviet Union

Russia: How to Get Arrested in a Bathrobe at St. Petersburg Train Station (1991)

Ukraine: Crossing the Black Sea by Spoon (1991)

Azerbaijan: Bangladeshi Videos on the Iranian Border (1995)

Georgia: Playing Stalin’s Piano (2001)

Tajikistan: Take Care How You Say Things in Tajikistan (2001)

Armenia: The Kerosene Stove Pilot Project (1993)

Chapter 3: Africa

Rwanda: The Rewards for Destroying Military Road Blocks (1994)

Somalia: Engine Trouble in John Travolta’s Private Plane (2001)

Madagascar: Camping with Rats in Search of Lemurs (2001)

Eritrea: The View from Seat 19a as a Boeing Overshoots (2001)

Kenya: The Culinary Penalties of Dating a Kikuyu (2002)

Malawi: New York Needle in an African Haystack; In Search of Heather (2001)

Ethiopia: The Two Dollar Honeymoon (1999)

Congo: Smuggling the Vatican Ambassador into Goma (2001)

Uganda: A Mugging Attempt after the Royal Ascot Goat Races (2001)

Chapter 4: Latin America

Peru: Fish, Blood and Mad Englishmen (1998)

Brazil: $430 Short of a Ticket Home (1990)

Bolivia: From Brazil Nut Factory to La Paz (1989)

Chile: Camping with Cows (1989)

Cuba: Shall I Shut the Plane Door Now? (1993)

Guyana: Airline Tickets by Body Weight (1989)

Argentina: A Little Mustard for the Rucksack (1989)

Chapter 5: Asia

Japan: Teaching Toddlers (2003)

South Korea: Taekwondo Tree Trimmers (2003)

India: Colonial Retribution (2002)

Chapter 6: The Middle East

Lebanon: Buying Bikinis for Palestinian Freedom Fighters (2001)

Yemen: Chewing Qat and Somali Refugees (2001)

Turkey: Package Holiday Hell with Michelle the Dental Assistant (1994)

Dubai: A Date with a Serbian Cameron Diaz (2002)

Israel: Causing a Bomb Scare in Jerusalem (2002)

Gaza: An Afternoon in a Refugee Camp (2003)

Syria: The Jesuit Retreat of Mar Musa (2001)

Chapter 7: Western Europe

UK: Rioja Gran Reserva 1989 Meets Open Air Swimming Pool (2000)

Germany: Confessions of a Male Chambermaid (1988)

Belgium: Waking up in an Ostend Hospital (1987)

Italy: Undercover Polish Journalism (1991)

Switzerland: The Curious Germanic Settlement of Bosco Gurin (1990)

France: Ford Luton (3m) Meets Alsace Bridge (2.8m) (1999)

Spain: Wine by Watering Can (2000)

Chapter 8: Eastern Europe

Bulgaria: Teaching English with the Moonies (1991)

Hungary: Learning to Teach English (2002)

Slovakia: Buying Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom (2005)

Poland: Hitchhiking from Manchester to Moscow (1991)

Romania: Curious Chambermaid Meets Securitate (1989)